Since Tiled 1.1

Utiliser des Cartes Infinies

Infinite maps in Tiled free you from the constraints of the fixed-size map. With an « auto-growing » canvas, you can paint on an infinite grid without being limited by width and height. This document guides you through creating, editing, and converting infinite maps in Tiled.

A zoomed-out Tiled window shows a very large infinite map being edited.

Créer une Carte Infinie

  1. Open the New Map dialog (File -> New -> New Map).

  2. Ensure the “Infinite” option is selected.

Tiled's New Map dialog window is shown. For the option "Map Size," the Infinite radio button is selected rather than Fixed.

The map you create will have an infinite canvas.

Editing an Infinite Map

Most tools in Tiled work the same way for infinite maps as they do for fixed-size maps. However, the Outil de Seau de Remplissage fills only the current bounds of a tile layer. As you paint, these bounds expand.

An animation shows an infinite Tiled map being edited.

Converting Between Infinite And Fixed-Size Maps

You can toggle between infinite and fixed-size maps in the Map Properties window. When converting an infinite map to a fixed-size map, Tiled determines the final map’s width and height based on the bounds of all tile layers.

An initial view of an infinite map being edited in Tiled. The grid extends beyond the bounds of the editing window.

La Carte Infinie Initiale

Close-up of Map Properties panel showing the Infinite option's checkbox checked.

Désactiver la propriété Infinie dans les Propriétés de Carte

An infinite map in Tiled has been converted to finite. The grid is fully contained and does not extend beyond the bounds of the editing window.

La Carte Convertie